Asset Forge and Unreal Engine

Learn how to build assets quickly in Asset Forge and import them into Unreal Engine.

Intro to Asset Forge and Unreal Engine

Asset forge is an awesome tool built by Kenney who is well know for his video game asset collections. Asset forge has a wide range of usage from developers who need placeholder art or even utilizing asset forge and its building blocks as your art style. You can build both 3D assets as well as 2D sprites depending on your art style. For me, I've found it to be a great tool and well worth the money to build my art assets and bring them into unreal engine so that I can get started on building out the game with my placeholder programmer art which I can always revisit with a real artist while I focus on the programming side of things. Asset Forge has two versions, a base version at $19.95 and a deluxe version at $39.95 which can be purchased via the platform. With the deluxe version you get addtional block assets compared to the base version but both versions have the same features which is great. Asset Forge supports all major game engines from Unreal Engine to Unity, ThreeJS, Gamemaker and more. Find more about AssetForge at as well as visiting Kenney's game dev assets at In the next video we'll get started with asset forge to build our art asset blocks which we will then bring into unreal engine.