Unreal Engine C++ Development Environment Setup Windows 7

Unreal Engine C++ Development Environment on Windows 7.

Setting up Visual Studio With UE4 on Windows 7

Setting up Visual Studio for C++ development with UE4. Lets setup Visual Studio 2017 integration so we can develop C++ within the Unreal Engine. First go to visualstudio.com/vs/ and grab the latest community edition. If you have access to professional or enterprise edition grab the installer for your respectable version. Once downloaded run the installer. I'll be installing the Enterprise edition but setup will be the same regardless of the version. The only required workloads are "Desktop Development with C++" and "Game Development with C++". I'm going to install linux cross compiler tools as well as the mobile development tools to enable cross platform compiling of UE4 games later to linux and android. Unity tools are also an option if you happen to use Unity for any projects. Now is a great time to pause the video as we do some movie magic to speed up the install process. Once you've completed your install come back and resume the video. Once our installation is complete we'll do a final restart to finish the installation.